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EpheONE Team is comprised of men & women from all over the world.
Each team member has their own special talent and qualifications that they bring to EpheONE.
With the intense level of innovation that is occurring in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, they have contributed their knowledge and expertise to the EpheONE project. These men & women are proficient technical analysts, who understand the cryptocurrency space from both a developer and investor perspective. 

Knowing what to do and when

The Christian revolution of Decentralized Finance has arrived and is presented to all believers by the EpheONE community the Body of Christ.

​EpheONE = Ephesians ONE we are the body of Christ, we are the new HUMANITY under ONE GOD Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach) in Aramaic.
We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God. We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons,  Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.  We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our
Lord Yeshua HaMashiach.

Ephesians ONE, or more commonly known as EpheONE, is a project for believers.

Our motto, “By the BODY, for EVERYBODY,” stands true for everything that we do. Each step of ours is dedicated to the betterment of humanity.


Our initiative

EpheONE is your partner to safe, secure, and Biblically responsible investments. We are an organization based on real investment projects. (see projects tab) We assure safe means of financial investments for everyone, no matter how little the amount. All of you who feel distrust towards the digitization process, we have heard you and are working for your benefit and assurance.
Join us now in our initiative towards responsible Christian investments!
Start by reserving EpheONE tokens, EPH1, FAITH, WORD & YHWY tokens, available exclusively for all those who believe.
By the power and permission of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, we pray that you find your way with us.

Faith over Fear


In the year 2020, the antichrist spirit openly displayed its agenda and assumed a position of dominance worldwide thru fear, control, and manipulation. Such fear causes people to hide and seek protection from the enemy and become willing slaves. True disciples of Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach must believe, pray, and stand like never before. This is NOT the time to shrink back!

Matthew 10:26-28
26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.
27 What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.
28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

The financial markets are changing so fast that 99% of the world is confused and unwilling to learn the new financial system. This is exactly what the cabal, the elite, want so as to control the world and take away our freedom of everything because it is rooted in satanism.

God’s goal is that every person alive be saved. But, we need to understand what we are saved FROM as well as what we are saved TO.

Saved FROM what? Saved from the nature of self, the nature that causes us to sin. It is sin that keeps us from knowing the God that created us. He is Holy and righteous, loving and just. But our nature of serving self keeps our hearts far from God. He desires a relationship with us. But We continue without him in this life, and so when we leave this earth, we also continue without him into eternity - HELL - Eternally and forever separated from the one who made us and loves us. Imagine...forever darkness, forever torment, forever suffering, forever thirst, forever hunger, forever evil.

But HE made a way...Jesus, Yeshua (his given Hebrew name) meaning SALVATION.

Saved TO what? Saved to HIMSELF. He offered himself to me and to you so that we are not separated from him and all the joys of knowing him. He came to earth, and became the sacrifice to God the Father for our sins so that we could go free and be brought back to God. And even more than that, His eternal purpose is that you and I would be transformed into His very image and likeness, by His Spirit living in us giving us new life. This is what it means to be “born again” or born from above. I can’t do enough to earn this or enough to save my own life. I must let go of the life I have and ask HIM to become my life. And I can’t earn my entrance into eternity.

Our efforts to rid ourselves of our own sins will not offer security in this life now or in eternity. But if we place our trust in another to give us freedom from our own sin nature and self-efforts, then we accept this gift and HE saves us for himself and TO HIMSELF. Then we will no longer live as a slave to satan. The LIFE that Yeshua is becomes OUR LIFE because his Holy Spirit now lives in us. And when we exit earth we enter eternity forever united with God our Father, Yeshua our Salvation, and Holy Spirit our Comfort.

For those of us who have put our trust and belief upon HIM alone, we are HIS BODY. And His Kingdom is within us.

For those who have not chosen to put our trust and belief upon HIM alone, we pray that you will. We invite you into His Kingdom. We pray that you will receive HIM and all that he offers to you. If you seek HIM, He promises that you will find HIM. You will be saved. You will be secure and then you will have faith over fear.

Let us not waste our days on this earth serving ourselves. We have prayed, and God has listened to our prayers. For this reason, God formed EpheONE. Together we must support and hold up true Unity IN HIM as ONE Body and fight together in this spiritual war with prayers and all of the armor of God. (Ephesians 6)

Christians of all denominations who know, love, and serve Jesus Christ Yeshua HaMashiach must stand in formation and raise our hands in praise and declare the living WORD in boldness proclaiming the name of the only true and living God.

This is EpheONE. We will hold each other’s hands in support. We can no longer be quiet about God; we cannot be selfish and stay to ourselves about His Kingdom, His plans, or His salvation. We are ambassadors of Christ and we must step up no matter what the persecution and spread Yeshua's Word to those who do not want to listen the same as those who want to listen. We do not know at what time the Holy Spirit will move upon the words he tells us to speak to someone lost without hope.

God did not give up on us and we should not give up on His lost sheep. We should be grateful that He has chosen us to be his body in the earth to serve Him in this way.

You must choose a side. Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach or the Prince of demons, Lucifer. You cannot be neutral anymore, those days are over. This battle has raged since the beginning of time, and it will continue. We are glad that we know who wins.

EpheONE Team

DeFi is a new financial system that is not yet fully understood or regulated by many governments. At this time our team is from various parts of the world. We will be operating with a partially anonymous team, due to varying legal standards from country to country. Below are just some of our team members.

AOC finance kingdom 256 png.png

David K. - Senior Advisor, For Mr. K, all things point to the Kingdom of God. He states, “The Kingdom of God is the person of Jesus Christ alone – The Eternal ONE. All things were made by HIM and for HIM. We were made FOR Christ alone. We are not here to simply enjoy the creation, but the CREATOR HIMSELF.”  Mr. K’s prayers and help are vital to this project. He expresses it this way, “To me, EpheONE, Ephesians 1, stands for God’s eternal purpose of Christ being formed IN us so that our lives become a living message. Let all things be done for HIS Glory. For He (God), chose us IN CHRIST before the foundation of the world. Apart from Christ’s life manifest IN us, we miss the mark of God's high calling and eternal purpose for man in Christ Jesus.”

AOC family.png

Rinat K. - Support Manager 

Rinat has 30+ years of customer service experience. Communication is her top priority and she believes that a company’s integrity is shown best by how they treat their associates and their customers. Rinat is the connector and liaison for EpheONE investors to be able to see the vision and run with us. Whether editing content, teaching or training, she is always there to give an encouraging word or prayer and we thank God that she shares her joyful walk with us all.

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H. was born in the Netherlands and has lived and worked on three continents namely Australia, the USA, and Europe. He is fluent in 4 languages and partially fluent in 2. He graduated with a Batchelor of Science degree in 1989 and went on to Doctoral studies in drug delivery systems to combat pathological calcification. A career change led to successful ventures in import and export, international trade shows, and involvement as a broker/negotiator during the early development of commercial mortgage-backed securities in the international bond market. H. attended a 2 year school of ministry in  Charlotte, North Carolina as well as completing chaplaincy training. He has been involved as a consultant in negotiations for business and specialized program development at the highest levels of international government, NGO, and multinational business corporations. He is naturally gifted in connecting people who have inspiring ideas or projects with those whom he identifies as strategic partners and who have the means to contribute that which is required to successfully overcome any challenges and to execute.

AOC family.png

L K. was born in Rome, Italy and in her early teens migrated to Australia. She obtained her Masters's degree in Microbiology with extensive studies in both the fields of medical and food microbiology. She successfully transitioned from work to motherhood birthing 6 children in 3 different countries and not only raising them but also homeschooling them, the oldest 4 having accessed careers in management, marketing, horticulture and teaching. L has herself recommenced teaching publicly.

AOC family.png

KT - Assistant Project Manager. Born in Moscow, Russia, KT immigrated to Israel at 8 years old. She is fluent in 3 languages- Hebrew, English, Russian and highly skilled in tech support. Her extensive knowledge of professional administration, keeping expense reports, travel arrangements, communication, booking meetings, and maintaining our scheduling calendar cannot be overstated. KT is well-versed in Social Media best practices and understanding of digital production processes. She is obsessed with everything cryptocurrency and blockchain-related.

AOC finance kingdom 256 png.png

Uri - Project Manager. Uri is originally from Russia but has lived extensively in America and Israel. Uri's desire to carry out the Lord's vision in obedience to this specific call is the reason EpheONE exists. He has a keen intuition and wisdom pertaining to the business. His greatest asset is his "never back down" mentality, as he will not allow obstacles to become defeats. He loves to strengthen and encourage others to live an overcoming life, volunteering in drug rehab centers and various ministries. Uri has extensive computer programming and business ownership/management experience spanning several decades. He is a jewelry and diamond expert. Before entering the realm of buying, selling, and trading in cryptocurrencies in 2013, he acquired several years of experience in stock market investing. However, he confesses that this project requires him to let go of everything he "thinks" he knows and simply give God his "YES!" Only by doing this will EpheONE be what the Lord intends.

AOC finance kingdom 256 png.png

Alon G is a tech enthusiast. who has a passion for all kinds of technology ranging from cryptocurrencies to drones and artificial intelligence He is a part-time coder as well and has dabbled in software development. Alon helped brand EpheONE and code some of our work. Alon was born in South Africa and now lives in Tel-Aviv Israel.

AOC finance kingdom 256 png.png

Rachi is our hidden gem from Pakistan. He has 6 years of experience in game development in both Unity and Unreal engines. Rachi is also involved in Android App Development, Blockchain and cryptocurrency development with core expertise in Smart Contract development, setting up ICOs and developing wallet applications.

AOC finance kingdom 256 png.png

Sahklin born in Saint Petersburg Russia has eight years of experience in web development using JavaScript (React, Angular), Python (Django), and AWS. He has worked on a variety of projects at companies of all sizes. He has been an important problem solver in the teams and never failed to deliver quality work with his hard work and problem-solving skills. 

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Mr. Vittorio is our Italian-born senior blockchain developer with 10 years of programming experience in various software development. Mr. Vittorio has provided Ethereum consulting and advised us on our NFT program for the One Kingdom Game Market place. He has several qualifications and holds a bachelor's in Computer Applications Some of the advanced programming languages include: C, C++, JAVA, Python, Oracle.

AOC finance kingdom 256 png.png

Mr. Wang is our special volunteer from Asia who has experience in both hardware & software development, and a deep understanding of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Defi is his life - he claims, and would "never go centralized". He has extensive experience in the implementation of new Blockchains, integration of Blockchain services, implementation of Smart Contracts.

AOC family.png

Tanya was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia and immigrated to Haifa Israel when she was a young girl. She is our main website developer and branding expert and a graduate of Tel-Aviv University and the coding academy of Israel. Tanya has provided help in marketing aspects such as analytics, SEO, third-party integrations, collaborated with internal teams (QA, visual designers, product managers, marketing teams, etc.), and has been a web developer for the last two years. She holds a deep understanding of Front End technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript). And has experience with responsive design (mobile), 2+ years of experience with PHP, along with 2+ years of experience with WordPress & Woocommerce.

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