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EpheONE Token/Coin list

Live on Pancakeswap

EpheONE (EPH1)

The EPH1 token is the mainstay of the EpheONE ecosystem. All of EpheONE’s business assets will back this token, adding value and liquidity.



YHWH token is the core token of the ONE Kingdom Game metaverse ecosystem.

The YHWH token is designed to be the currency of the ONE Kingdom game & metaverse. Players will need to own and hold YHWH in their crypto-connected wallets to play.

(Note: There will be a paid version and a free version of the game. The free version will not require YHWH nor will players be able to earn crypto when playing the free version.)



WORD token is a limited-edition token with 33,777 ever to be made. 
The WORD token is live on PanckeSwap

The WORD token is designed to be a reward token inside the ONE Kingdom game to reward players when they demonstrate that they know or are learning the WORD of GOD as they play. This will be a coveted token in the game because, without it, the player will be limited in his advancement and ability to earn money/crypto.



The FAITH token is live on PanckeSwap

This is a limited-edition token, with only 2,222 ever to be made.

No Minting or burning options in the smart contract.
The FAITH token is designed to be a reward token for players of the

ONE Kingdom 3D game.

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