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EpheONE, your trusted Christian investment solution, is proud to announce our first business asset backing the EpheONE tokens.

The EpheONE brand remains focused upon:

Values that truly represent the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach 

Decentralization and broader horizons

Projects that remain true to the Word of God 

Revealing and declaring His Kingdom, until He comes

“EpheONE For The Body” is a clothing line set to be a new step of innovation in the apparel market. The EpheONE brand motto is “By the BODY, for EVERYBODY”.

We are taking a step into this venture with a focus on both consumers and manufacturers. The manufacturing process is designed to be such that each piece of clothing travels hand to hand from one step to the other till it gets handed over to you.

Making the process even more personal and loved, with the unique care that you need, our clothing stands out to be the perfect fit to embody your personality and values.

We offer practical, affordable, and comfortable clothing made with the greatest care and dedication.

Our products are unique and can be the bold statement you need.

We design exquisitely manufactured garments and clothing that will not only keep you clothed for appropriate weather and temperature needs but will also keep you in the word of God.
Each and every item from each collection that we manufacture will have a specific scripture from the Bible that will be engraved on a gold-colored plate attached to each garment.

Excerpts from the Word of God will be inscribed in these plates as a witness and a conversation piece as you purchase for yourself or gift to others.

You can give apparel to your friends and family that represents a certain scripture that you are wanting to explain to them or pray over them.
Additional mini booklets on the scriptures for each collection will be included in the packaging of all garments for you to read and share.

We promise you that you will be amazed at our products and love our safe clothing line for your entire family. EpheONE For The Body means that you don’t have to struggle to find respectable, modest clothing anymore.

Each step is inspected and tested by experts and top-notch designers, to assure that each piece of clothing is what you desire it to be.

Not only are our designs made with the intent of representing Christ in our outward appearance, but we have developed a network and process that is based upon Godly, Kingdom principles too. Our clothing line is affordable because we employ seamstresses working from home in Israel. And EpheONE independent distributors share the clothing in their geographical location by wearing and taking orders.  We manufacture these clothes, exactly according to your needs and demand.

Our modest designs and excellent quality couples up to be the perfect fit for you.

EpheONE always aims to provide benefits and facilities to its users, and in our clothing line, we have managed to do the same for everybody.

From the start of the manufacturing process, each piece of cloth is chosen with great care and caution keeping in mind your comfort and assuring quality.
Then the cloth is delivered to our expert tailors, who work on them extensively at their own stations.
This way, we can ensure that the products are handled with the utmost care, affection, and dedication. It also helps the tailors and designers in working most effectively and comfortably.
Then the clothing is processed, checked, and detailed according to our extensive quality assurance programs. Each item will go through strict surveillance, so as to select the best items for you.
All clothes that move forward from manufacturing are safely packaged into parcels and then delivered from the remotely working manufacturers to our globally available distributors. These distributors will be available online 24/7 for your convenience and will assist you in the purchasing and delivering process all around the world.
Our unique and convenient process is one that has been tested and approved by experts and is being followed in Israel for the past 40 years. The process and the product are based on the true Christian essence of love, care, socialization, and community values. This is what sets us apart, and this is what we aim to deliver.

EpheONE For The BODY


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