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Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh,

Holy, holy, holy are You,

God of the universe,

Creator of all that's true.

Epheone's vision is inspiring,

They aim to make the world a better place,

Through projects and innovations,

They bring hope and grace.


One New Man Culture clothing line,

Brings unity to diversity,

Breaking down walls and barriers,

With love and creativity.

Their clothing line embodies modesty,

A virtue that is often overlooked,

Encouraging us to dress with dignity,

And to be mindful of how we look.

In a world that often values flash over substance,

One New Man Culture stands out with its abundance,

Of styles that are both trendy and tasteful,

And that promotes truly meaningful values.

Their designs are inspired by Judean culture,

From the land of Yeshua, they celebrate and nurture,

A message of unity that transcends race and nationality,

And that reminds us of our shared humanity.

Established 2000 years ago by Yeshua, 

We are now a new humanity united with Him and each other in one body, 

A family of believers who share in His love and grace,

And who strive to live out His truth in every place.

With each garment made with care and intentionality,

One New Man Culture ensures safety from the fashion industry's harsh reality.

Protected from the trends of this world, 

Their clothing line is a shield for every man or women even boy and girl.

So let us embrace the One New Man Culture way,

And let their clothing line be a reminder every day,

That through love, unity, and faith in God above,

We can overcome any obstacle with His divine love.




The Kingdomverse, a metaverse divine,

A world of endless possibilities,

Where believers of Yeshua can thrive,

And non-believers can find their way.


With advanced technology at its core,

The Kingdomverse opens up new doors,

To explore and create in ways untold,

And to connect with others, young and old.


In the vast expanse of metaverse land,

There are wonders to behold at every hand,

From towering cities to tranquil seas,

And everything in between, as far as the eye sees.


With Yeshua as our guide and light,

The Kingdomverse inspires us to unite,

For greater heights of love and compassion,

And to live with purpose and passion.


Food and water, are basic needs we all require,

Yet for many, access is what they desire.

Epheone steps in to make a change,

Providing clean water and food that won't estrange.

Their water filtration systems are top-of-the-line,

Ensuring safe drinking water for all to find.

And with food storage houses in every corner of the earth,

Epheone ensures that hunger won't give birth.

No human will die from starvation or malnutrition,

With added vitamins and nutrients to aid in their condition.

Epheone also supplies missionaries worldwide,

With food and water so they may do their mission with pride.

As they spread the gospel to all corners of the earth,

Epheone supports them with resources of great worth.

Their mission is to make a difference,

To provide for those in need without any resistance.

So let us join together and support their cause,

To help those in need without any pause.

Food and water are basic rights we all deserve,

And Epheone is working hard to preserve.


Epheone's mission is to make a change,

To provide for those in need without any estrange.

Their fourth project involves buying and investing in land,

Starting in Israel, a holy land,

Expanding worldwide with a helping hand.

For various purposes, including agriculture to grow food,

And to create opportunities for people to have a place to call good.

Their vision is a world where there is not one homeless person,

Where everyone has access to the basic necessities of life, no worsen.

With God and Yeshua as their guide,

Epheone works hard to turn the tide.

Through their efforts, they are making a difference,

In the lives of countless individuals with great persistence.

Blessed are those who give to the poor and homeless,

As the word of God says, we must shelter the homeless

and poor and feed the hungry with no less.

They are truly committed to creating a better world for all,

One step at a time, they answer the call.

Buying and owning Erets Israel is a blessing indeed,

A piece of holy land where faith and hope intercede.

So let us join together and support their cause,

To help those in need without any pause.

For Epheone's mission is noble and true,

And with God and Yeshua's help, they will see it through.

Bringing hope where there was once strife,

And helping people to thrive.


Education is key to empowerment,

Epheone brings the Word of God to every nation,

Through technology and innovation,

They inspire the next generation.

Epheone's vision is clear and bright,

To make the world a better place with all their might,

Through hard work and dedication every day and night,

They bring hope to humanity with all their might.

So let us join together as one voice, one people,

One body in christ and of course it is only by choice

In supporting this noble cause rejoice.

And work towards a brighter future with Epheone leading the charge with poise.




Epheone tokens are a divine gift,

A tiny part of God's mission to uplift.

Epheone tokens are a valuable asset,

A tiny part of Epheone's mission is to help those in need, no threat.

Just as believers are part of the body of Christ,

Each token is a part of something greater, a vision that is not priced.

With Yeshua as their guide and inspiration,

Epheone works hard to make a positive transformation.

Over time, each token becomes more valuable and divine,

Growing in impact and value, like great wine.

We must not focus on monetary gains alone,

But see the bigger picture and the vision that has grown.

As truthful as God's word is, all that He says will come true,

And Epheone's mission will make a difference, pure and true.

This is part of a divine vision we call the blueprint,

A plan to help those in need and bring hope with great impact.

Our eyes must look beyond just a small piece of the puzzle,

Epheone's impact on the world is something to marvel at and dazzle.

Every believer must share this message with others,

Not hide it or keep it hidden from the world, but like a light in the darkness for all to discover.

Through our investment in Epheone, we can make a difference,

And bring hope to those in need with great persistence.





Cryptocurrency, a digital currency of the future,

A decentralized system that has many a feature.

But with great power comes great responsibility,

And regulations are needed to ensure stability.

Yet, it can feel like the Wild West out there,

Where the sheriff is on the take and the Fed is part of the affair.

Governments around the world are taking notice,

And working on policies to prevent any hocus-pocus.

Some see it as a threat to their traditional ways,

While others embrace it as a new era that pays.

As believers of Yeshua, we only use crypto for decentralization,

To help those in need and avoid any mark of the beast temptation.

We seek to use it for good and not for evil gain,

And stay true to God's word, without any stain.

We trust in the Lord, not in the dollar or any earthly gain,

And seek His guidance in all things, without any disdain.

For we know that the mark of the beast is a big problem indeed,

Where those who can't buy or sell will be in great need.

Epheone is part of this vision for good,

A mission to help those in need as we should.

Cryptocurrency is still in its early days,

And regulations will help it grow in many ways.

So let us work together to find the right balance,

And create a system that is fair and just, with no malice.




My dear family in Christ, I write to you today,

To share a message of hope and to humbly pray.

For you are seeing the future of EpheONE,

A vision that was revealed to me by God's Son.

In a past divine vision, I saw what is to come,

And now you are seeing it too as if it has begun.

This vision is not of my own making or design,

But rather a gift from God, so pure and divine.

So let us all take to heart and have faith in His plan,

For He has shown us the way, and we must follow His command.

EpheONE is more than just a name or a domain,

It is a community of believers, bound by God's holy reign.

We are all brothers and sisters in Christ, united as one,

And together we will spread His love until our work is done.

So let us walk in faith and trust in His guiding light,

For He will lead us through this journey with all His might.

I love you all my brothers and sisters so dear,

And I pray that God's blessings will always be near.

May He guide us and protect us on this path we trod,

And may we always give glory to our Almighty God.

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