EpheONE International Food Preservation & Storage Facilities


EpheONE International Food Preservation & Storage Facilities

One of the many EpheONE projects is investing in international food preservation and food warehousing business.

The project's aim is to ensure the facilitation and availability of food in as many areas as possible.

The project is now in the research and development phase.
Through this Food preservation and warehousing program, we are setting our goals to serve humanity. In the whole world, there are millions of people that are deprived of basic food availability and millions of others who do get to eat every day, but the quality of the food they get is questionable according to human standards.

EpheONE serves Christ our Lord and our savior, his name is Yeshua in Aramaic, and Jesus is how He is known internationally.

We believe that He gave us the power to choose to live for ourselves or to give our lives to him so that HE can live in and through us.

Consequently, we have become his bondservants and this of our own free will. We love HIM and we will follow where he leads. 

Developing a program for such a massive scale is quite difficult, and requires extensive research and testing. Currently, we are working on numerous strategies that we plan to implement in this project.

Firstly, we are collaborating with various food preservation companies, and together we are experimenting with developing a food that is dehydrated and can be stored for many years.

This kind of solution is desperately needed for poor nations that need help with affordable food.

Dehydrated food is sustainable, easily stored, and transported, and does not lack any nutrition either, which is why it is going to play a major role in our project. There are other possible solutions being tested by the researchers, and simultaneously many are being rejected too.

Against popular belief, we have found that canned food is not suitable because of its high sodium content.

That is why we are working on dehydrated foods that retain their natural minerals and vitamins and do not require added preservatives.
Ready-made meals, such as are used in the military are being tested for mass production. The benefit of these meals will be that it will make certain that each meal is fulfilling the nutrition requirement of the body.  

These meals will have levels of proteins and vitamins and carbohydrates needed for human survival.

Our vision is to supply ministries with this food so that they have a practical, sustainable means to minister to people, providing nourishment in the natural while also feeding their spirits the pure Word of God.

We also plan to enable EpheONE distributors to sell these affordable, sustainable foods.

so that we can supply all of the world's poverty-stricken areas with affordable food for survival.

EpheONE is also researching the use of paper cartons instead of plastic to store water and food.

We at EpheONE understand that plastic is destroying our world and seas and oceans.

Our food storage and factories will be a world-changing and saving business because we believe that there is no point in doing the work of providing life-giving, clean water when we are potentially causing harm to the environment and the planet's inhabitants.

So, we plan to ensure the use of environmentally-friendly storage capacities that are sustainable, and lower in costs too.

We endeavor to research, test, and use methods of food storage that will replace all plastics with materials that are congruent with sustaining life and longevity, as opposed to taking from or reducing life.

It is another initiative to a cleaner and safer environment. All EpheONE businesses and projects are to the benefit of people, the earth, air, water, and the rest of our environment.
Our plan with this venture is not to maximize profits but to minimize costs so an even greater amount of the budget can be spent on actually helping the people and increasing our reach.

The lower our costs, the more we can spend on real solutions, and the more people will be benefited.
EpheONE is looking into the drinking water problem worldwide, we find that water, the element that is the building block of life is the biggest free resource in our world.

Still, it persists to be highly expensive and is not distributed equally among the people in the world.

Bottled water is very expensive and sold at unreasonable prices, and stored in plastics containing chemicals that disrupt the human body's endocrine system. We are confident that the Lord God, our Father in Heaven has every solution to these issues. He is leading our research.

And in the meantime, we are developing relationships with countries (the names of which we will not disclose at this time due to the water cabals that monopolize on this very profitable business) and are delighted to inform you that there are now already some doors that our research and collaboration has opened up. 
We will say this, that we have found a simple and affordable way to supply safe drinking water to people worldwide at reduced retail prices.

The availability of water is not the only issue, but the quality of water should be strictly monitored as well.

We have learned that most of the developed world has municipal water systems to filter water but have added chemicals for killing bacteria. Municipalities using these chemicals like chlorine, etc are not natural and healthy for our bodies and cells. So to invest in the research for sustainable water supply processes is very crucial at the moment too.
EpheONE is planning to initiate negotiations with Christian ministries worldwide to be able to share facilities in an effort to save money on land rent and warehouses.

True Christian values lie in networking together and giving a helping hand to others. We have already experienced brothers and sisters In the body of Christ reaching out to us and putting forward their help. 

As we yield to Yeshua, His glory and His Kingdom is our only focus. This is not about personal gain, but it is about allowing Him to access our lives so that we are vessels for his will to manifest. Join hands with us at EpheONE, and let's be the body of Christ for the greater good.