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Praise the Lord Jesus Christ Yeshua HaMashiach The Lamb of God, the Son of God the Father YHWH. God gave Yeshua to be killed as the sacrificial lamb for our sins and to free us from the nature of sin that all mankind is born into. Not only does he give us eternal life in the future - HE IS ETERNAL LIFE HIMSELF! So we can have that same eternal life in His Kingdom of Heaven that is within us. We, the body, are born again by water and the spirit. As we surrender our lives to Yeshua, we willingly serve our Lord in this world and the world to come.

 EpheONE is a new concept of wealth-generating businesses that has never been done before. We are combining two financial systems into one - A digital world of Decentralized finance and real brick and mortar businesses.

In the past, these investments have only been available to the wealthy, but this has changed due to the creation of  Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Mainnet & Binance Smart Chain (BSC)  

Today all people have the option of investing a small amount of money with the potential of generating from 10x to 10000x on their investment within a few years time frame.

Smart contracts do not need expensive lawyers or brokers and can be purchased and sold without any intermediates.

This is possible with a click of a mouse and with less than $1 per token and with total anonymity. 

Our aim is to generate wealth for our participants, but our main goal and vision is to serve God and allow all people worldwide to hear and receive the truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Yeshua - THE way, THE truth, and THE life restore mankind to God the Father.
The Gospel has no borders and every single person should have the choice to know God and his Living Word and this is what EpheONE's main purpose is all about.

We will also reach all of the world with food clothing and shelter by the grace and spirit of God.

All assets that are created under the EpheONE brand are for the purpose of benefiting humanity with all basic essentials needed for survival while inviting them into the reality of a living relationship with Yeshua, their maker.

This is not your traditional Whitepaper. This is the EpheONE GOLD PAPER - a light paper that explains all of the initial steps involved in our start-up projects. As the projects develop, we will update the GOLD PAPER to reflect applicable changes.

The EpheONE Gold Paper is a part of the entire EpheONE website, you cannot fully understand or appreciate the Gold Paper without first looking through the entire EpheONE website first. 

For project, overview go to the projects tab and click on the individual projects to learn more about our amazing and lucrative startups.

Legal Disclaimer


This Gold Paper is being issued to elaborate on the project EpheONE and what it entails to do. It does not constitute or form any part of any opinion/guidance or advice upon the selling of the EpheONE coins. Neither does this paper constitute any solicitation of any offer by EpheONE to purchase our tokens/Digital coins or NFT's? Furthermore, no part of the following text or its presentation form the basis of or be relied upon in connection with, any contract or investment decision. It is to be taken in regard that all proceeds of the EpheONE token sales shall be used to expand EpheONE’s businesses and operations.


No person is bound to enter into any contract or any other sort of binding/non-binding legal commitment to be a part of the contribution to the EpheONE token sales event and no cryptocurrency or other form of payment is to be accepted based on this “Gold Paper”.


Eligibility to participate in EpheONE’s sales of its tokens may vary depending upon your country of citizenship and/or residence. Final decisions have not yet been made in that regard but will be announced well in the advice of the date on which our digital currency will be available in private and/or public contributions.


The forthcoming text mentioned “Gold Paper”, is just an extension to detail the project. No regulatory authority has examined or approved of any of the information set out on this website or in the “Gold Paper”. EpheONE intends to emphasize that no such aforementioned action has been or will be taken under the laws, regulatory requirements, or rules of any jurisdiction. The publication and distribution, or dissemination of content from this website, the “Gold Paper”, or any other linked content does not imply that the applicable laws, regulatory requirements, or rules of a specific country have been complied with. The EpheONE tokens sales website or “Gold Paper”, any part thereof, and any copy thereof must not be taken or transmitted to any country where distribution or dissemination is prohibited or restricted.


There are risks and uncertainties associated with the EpheONE token sale that should be taken into account by the buyer. The companies of the EpheONE team and/or the token provider and their respective businesses and operations do not take responsibility for such risks regarding the EpheONE tokens, and the fluctuations of the value of the issued tokens which can result in a complete loss of its value.

Our Mission and Vision


 EpheONE, by the grace of God, will change our world as we know it today by being positioned for the shift that will move much of the wealth from the banking cabal and place that money in the hands of true believers of Yeshua and anyone that wants to help humanity with food, clothing, and shelter. 

EpheONE has a humanitarian department with 10% allocated in a separate fund called ECHF "EpheONE Christian Humanitarian Fund"

EpheONE Projects

Ephesians ONE, or more commonly known as EpheONE, is a project for believers.

Our motto, “By the BODY, for EVERYBODY,” stands true for everything that we do. Each step is dedicated to the betterment of humanity.

For more detailed information on all of the EpheONE projects go to the Projects tab or click here

EpheONE clothing line


The Problem

1)  Most of today's fashion lines have a hidden agenda. It is common to see symbols of witchcraft associated with brand name designs. The designers use black magic and some of them are a part of the Illuminati, new age mysticism, or satanism.

2)  There is an intentional push by clothing designers and marketers to convince the consumer that they must have clothing that flaunts their sexuality by only offering clothes that are sensual and revealing.  People who follow the Yeshua, Jesus often have a very difficult time acquiring modest, yet fashionable attire.

3) High-quality clothing has become awfully expensive. The designers and manufacturers lust after higher profit margins, and over time, will begin to downgrade their quality to add more to their own bottom line. These manufacturers do not care about how they make the clothes, as long as they make millions. Therefore they choose to use an oppressed Asian workforce where workers are equivalent to slaves and are uncaring about the quality or safety of the materials employed in their processes.

4) Brands spend enormous amounts of money on advertising and branding. Marketing is a big expense, and the brand makes the customer pay for all marketing and other expenses. Clothing that costs $5 to manufacture is sold at retail for hundreds on the dollar.

5)  Models and marketing have unrealistically depicted humans to look like very thin people and this is a problem, as the vast majority of people are fuller-shaped.

Our Solution

1) EpheONE clothing is spiritually safe clothing for your entire family. Made by the body of Christ for everybody.  We have no hidden agendas or symbols, only respectful clothing from a top-notch designer.  EpheONE also has prayer partners praying over the actual articles of clothing to be distributed. Each and every item from our collections that we manufacture will have the unique EpheONE brand logo engraved on a golden plate and attached to the outside of the garment. Additionally, every collection will be named from a specific book of the Bible. Every piece from each collection will be given a specific scripture and that scripture will be sewn or printed inside of the garment.  Upon purchase, the printed scripture tag that's attached to the garment can be removed and saved as a scripture memory card or an encouraging card to hand out and share with others as a witness and a conversation piece as you purchase for yourself or gift to others. You can give apparel to your friends and family that represents a certain scripture that you are wanting to explain to them or pray over them.
Additional mini booklets on the scriptures for each collection will be included in the packaging of all garments for you to read and share.

2) EpheONE clothing is congruent to the Word of God and what is in the Bible. Clothing is intended to be a covering to maintain integrity and modesty, while still being comfortable and attractive. We will manufacture clothing that reflects decency and honor to our God. We will not compromise decency for the entrapment of being sexy or provocative; As that type of fashion has no place in the life of a person who wants to represent the Kingdom of God in all that they do.

3 ) Our seamstresses work from their own homes in a safe environment. They are provided with materials that are safe, without harmful chemicals added to the fabrics.
We can allow people to work from home and distribute the product directly to the customer from the manufacturer. All of this allows us to give you the best quality while keeping our clothing affordable and ethical


4) We do not need extremely expensive branding and advertisements. People will share what they love with those whom they love. And EpheONE clothing will become well known this way. Without having to pay high dollars for marketing, our prices will be consistent and fair for the consumer.


5) When we have runway shows of our collections, we choose to have real people, and real families modeling them. This sets an example of realistic and inclusive clothing in a wide range of sizes and is congruent with our standard that EpheONE Clothing is "by the BODY, for EVERY body".

One Kingdom Game


The Problem

1)  The vast majority of popular video games are very violent. They are usually full of immorality and witchcraft. Players lives become entrenched in this alter reality that slowly degrades and destroys their souls. Statistics show that 1 out of 3 people will be a gamer by 2025 and there are 2.4 billion gamers worldwide today. Video games are causing the conscience of an entire generation to be numb to the ravaging effects of constant violent stimuli.

2)  Video games are very addictive and users oftentimes find themselves not being able to function in everyday life because of their gaming addictions. This addiction is the culprit of loss of marriages, families, and livelihoods. When addiction is present it's indicative that the person is being controlled by something, and this is a deeper spiritual issue, requiring help from God and freedom by deliverance from Yeshua, Jesus. 



3) In an existing market, there are zero very interactive, modest, and interesting Bible or Bible-based games.

4)  Most of the games are paid or require you to make lots of inside app purchases for best play.

Our Solution

1) ONE Kingdom game will allow play within great battles and wars that were actual events from the Bible, as well as depicting battles that are happening all around us now in the heavenlies between the angelic host and the demonic horde. But ONE Kingdom game will not include the blood and gore that damages your soul. Players will be the warriors in battle and fight to the bitter end with as much drama and reality as what they get in other games. It will be full of strategy and excitement but without the damaging effects experienced with other games, making it safe to play for players of almost all ages. The graphics, special effects, and sounds allow us to make it as real as possible and yet fully Biblical.


   2)  ONE Kingdom game is a reality integrated concept, which means that it lets the user take up role-playing and allows real-time activity and decisions. Just like in real life, your online character must have rest, sleep and reprieve thus it will be obligated to shut off for a minimum of 8 hours. This affords the opportunity for players to take a break and leave the screen, making sure that this fun activity does not grow into addiction. The game will offer the ability to program play for a specified number of hours in the day so that it cannot be accessed outside of those presets. This is most effective for parents who are wanting to allow their children to play for recreation but are concerned about addiction. Additionally, our game will contain resources and links to offer spiritual help and free one-on-one counsel to obtain freedom from gaming addiction.

3)  ONE Kingdom is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind game that is made up of integrated powerful and dynamic multi-genre 3D action and adventure. Based on the 66 books of the Bible, this is a one-of-a-kind Bible game. Interactive quests and trivia enable the participants to play live within the events of the Bible and make real-time decisions that will determine their victory or their defeat. Players will be learning the word of God and gaining a view of the Kingdom of God as it applies to their lives both here and now and in eternity. ONE Kingdom can be played alone or multi-player.


4. ONE Kingdom game is completely FREE to play. The game has some in-app purchases. But unlike other games, we will actually pay players to learn the word of God and earn a passive income simultaneously. This feature will enable earning for learning and help players be able to make any purchase they need to inside of the game. ONE Kingdom will also incorporate the NFT market within the game, allowing artists and creators the freedom to create and sell their art in a safe environment. Players will enjoy this totally unique experience but also earn passive income.

This new day approach will especially attract teenagers and young adults.

Food/Water Storage and Preservation

food and water.PNG

The Problem

1) People are dying from poor nutrition and/or starvation in every nation around the globe. This is a direct result of either a natural disaster or a man's corrupt manipulation. However, this is not exclusive of developed nations which may have an abundance of a processed factory "food products" easily accessible by the poor but without sufficient nutrients. 

 2) Multitudes are without clean drinking water and water for sanitation. Even when a river or stream is available, it is oftentimes teeming with disease-causing bacteria from stagnation or shared livestock use.

Our Solution

1) EpheONE's food preservation and storage systems will provide already existing relief ministries and missions the resources to carry out their God-given mandates and visions. This will be accomplished by ownership and operation of facilities that produce high-quality, nutrient-complete foods with an extended shelf life. These products will then be sent to Christian ministries with boots on the ground on every continent who are distributing food to the hungry. A portion of our products will be available to the public for sale, and those profits will be re-invested into the project to extend the reach of this humanitarian effort.  Only Christian ministries doing the work of feeding the hungry and sharing the Gospel free of charge will be eligible to receive sustainable foods without charge. All other worldwide relief organizations will be invited to purchase from EpheONE preserved foods.

2) Water = Life and has been freely provided by the Father in Heaven for mankind. In places where the availability of water has become an issue because of drought or government manipulation of water supply, we will endeavor to take a two-fold approach. 

a) EpheONE will own and operate water purification facilities with the highest quality filtration methods, along with storage systems that utilize biodegradable carton packaging. This water will then be available for shipment worldwide for immediate and emergent use.

b) EpheONE will fund community well projects for the digging of wells, thereby providing a free, sustainable water source and improving the health and longevity of multiple generations.

As with the food preservation, EpheONE filtered water will be free of charge in any quantities to those Christian Ministries who are providing relief and sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom of God free of charge, as preached by Yeshua, Jesus. 

Other non-Christian organizations are invited to purchase. EpheONE will also sell its quality water in retail settings. The profits from these sales will all be re-invested back into the project.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT'S)


The Problem 

1) Real estate investing in large, multi-unit luxury apartment buildings in worldwide vacation and tourism destinations is an impossibility for the average person to be able to participate in and benefit from. Though individuals may have an interest in owning property as means of making a rental income, this interest never becomes reality because the common man or woman doesn't have the required multiplied thousands to invest.

2) Real estate investors large and small would love the ability to make an income without having to hassle with management and maintenance of a rental property.

Our Solution

1) EpheONE's tokenized real estate investment opportunity is specifically for the average person. With investment options as low as a few hundred dollars, a person can own a portion of real estate properties that will yield him/her a monthly rental income. Of course, the larger their investment, the greater the income. These multi-unit rental properties will be obtained in locations all over the world as average investors purchase REITS, thereby pooling and leveraging their resources. 

2) Investing thru REITS means that the investor gets paid dividends without them having to ever leave home and check on a property, hire and fire staff, or deal with bookings/occupancy and maintenance. EpheONE oversees operations and our investors share in the profits of owning a multi-unit rental property.

EpheONE Tokenomics


FAITH tokens are reward tokens for the ONE Kingdom Game and will have special attributes like entering extra bonus worlds that cannot be entered unless the player will hold 1/18th of a token in his or her Web3 wallet at the time of the bonus world offering.  

Another special attribute of FAITH is that FAITH token can buy your character one life, if your character dies and you have a FAITH token in your wallet you may use it to buy another life and continue playing.

FAITH will have hundreds of options available to all players who hold the token, at this time we cannot share all of the token’s attributes.

In our private presale, we sold out of the FAITH token very quickly and had to turn others away once we hit our cap. 99% of presale investors bought the max allowance of FAITH. Once on the DEX, we expect the remaining tokens to disappear in a very short time. Our private presale investors are in this project for the long
term and most will be token holders, which should prove beneficial for all purchasers from the DEX.

Players do not need to own a FAITH token to play ONE Kingdom Game but it will be an advantage in many ways if they own at least 1/18th of a token.  

Only 2222 tokens will ever be available, in a multiplayer game that will have millions of players. EpheONE will reward players with FAITH tokens, EPHEONE will need to buy FAITH from others at market price to reward its players, this will increase the price of the FAITH token.

faith token.png



The WORD token is also a reward token and will have many special options for players. Players receive WORD tokens as a reward for learning the WORD of GOD as they play the ONE Kingdom Game. 

WORD tokens, just like FAITH, are extras, players do not need to own WORD tokens to play the game. But when they earn them, they have ability to unlock more intricacies inside of the worlds.

These tokens are created for extra levels and advancement in the game. The WORD tokens are needed for advancement in the WORD of GOD, when a player accumulates a certain amount of WORD he or she will advance to higher levels and receive higher rewards.

At this time we can not disclose more on WORD tokens. Only 33,777 Word tokens will ever be available, making this token a limited edition token. The expectation from our base of faithful presale participants is that they are very interested in the concept of the WORD token, as they are passionate about the WORD of GOD and the Bible. We are expecting another large wave of interest from current and new presale participants in this token as the news begins to spread via social media groups and our marketing campaign that it set to begin by the end of 1st quarter 2021.

word tokens.png



EpheONE Kingdom is the core token of the ONE Kingdom Game ecosystem.

  The token's symbol is YHWH.

This token is an in-game cryptocurrency used as the game's main token.

All players of ONE Kingdom have the choice to play for real cryptocurrency or play for free.

If a player chooses to play in the game's monetized version then the player must have YHWH tokens in their Ethereum based wallet to play.

Both free and monetized versions of the game are exactly the same versions.

EpheONE core token.png

EPH1 Tokens

EpheONE (EPH1) Tokens with an initial supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. 

The Holy Spirit has given us the wisdom to create these tokens for a Christian Cryptocurrency that will be needed in the future.

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