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A Christian Metaverse

The satanic globalist elite are setting up a future where all the world will be plugged into their demonic Matrix where they control all of humanity.

We the body of Christ say no to their metaverse and say yes to the first Christian metaverse brought to you by EpheONE via ONE Kingdom game.

ONE Kingdom game is creating a multiverse of worlds from the accounts found in the Bible.  

 This is a true Christian Metaverse.

Imagine a world where we can put on virtual reality goggles and see and hear all the biblical accounts in realistic 3D. This will not be like merely watching a film in Hollywood. Instead, we will live with the inhabitants and civilizations of the Bible. 

EpheONE is building a Multiverse, in contrast to a metaverse. We are constructing realistic biblical experiences that will come to life as people enter our Kingdom metaverse.

Our virtual immersive 3D worlds will not only teach players the WORD of God, but in addition, participants entering this metaverse have the opportunity to travel back in time and experience everything in a way that has never been available to anyone before.

EpheONE is working with Epic games, Unreal Engine, and Reallusion state-of-the-art software to create the very first ever biblical multiverse that will change how the world thinks about the Word of God and the Kingdom of God. 

ONE Kingdom game will have an NFT marketplace.

We have our own economy built on our cryptocurrency token YHWH. God's people are a head of the curve because the Lord gave EpheONE this vision years ago.

Our God is an amazing God.

The ONE Kingdom game metaverse is not merely a digital world.

It’s a digital world of biblical worlds through which Christians can travel seamlessly, even retaining their appearance and digital possessions wherever they go.

These worlds do not merely exist in VR (virtual reality), but also layer onto physical reality through AR augmented reality.

ONE Kingdom will offer virtual land sales and an NFT marketplace.

Christians will not be left behind in the future of the metaverse.

ONE Kingdom is a safe place for all believers of Jesus Christ Yeshua HaMashiach.

ONE Kingdom - By THE BODY for THE BODY and for the Praise of HIS GLORY

Build or destroy, know whom you serve
Inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT
True to the WORD of GOD

 A Unique Game Concept for Personal Computers and Smartphones with a vision for all gaming consoles



ONE Kingdom is a revolutionary, one of a kind game that utilizes the EpheONE cryptocurrency. The game is made up of integrated powerful and dynamic multi-genre 3D action and adventure.

ONE Kingdom is a reality integrated concept, which means that it lets the user take up role playing and allows real-time activity and decisions.

The game is divided into different worlds that are based upon the historical facts and civilizations from the Bible.

Players are given the option to choose an era of play at the start of the game. Players can choose old or new testament times, covering the time from when the world was created all the way through the book of Revelation and the apocalypse.

Players will even be granted the option to play within the realms of Bible prophecy and events that will happen when the SON of God, Yeshua, returns to the earth and establishes His kingdom, ushering in the appearance of a new Heaven and a New Earth as is prophesied in scripture. 

ONE Kingdom Game is based on true events from the 66 books of the Bible.

From Genesis to Revelations All characters and events are brought to life in this majestic game. Characters cannot change the events of history, they can only live events that occurred throughout the Bible or that will occur based on Bible prophecy. With this game, you can live through it all and experience the feeling in 3D too!

ONE Kingdom is a masterpiece design that invites us into the beauty of God's Eternal Kingdom and with intricate details it allows one to actually experience each segment of history.

When you play the game, it will be just as if you lived through all of it. 

Even though the game is reality integrated, it still remains true to the actual events that are written down in history. ONE Kingdom keeps the content of the scriptural aspects and develops the game art with extreme care and sensitivity.

Players are given the option to enter the world as characters called “Others”.

They cannot play the main characters of the Bible, nor can they alter the course of history in any way.

The essence of this game is in the fact that it stays true to the sacred testimony and the events in the scriptures. In no way will the game change history.  

The storyline will be kept intact, while players of the game will be living within the premises of past and future events.

ONE Kingdom allows players to become active in historical events and to play any role in them. Our players, "Others", are wholly unique and complete characters with lives of their own. These characters are not the influence, rather they are the ones being influenced by what is happening around them, and they change the courses of their lives accordingly.

So with this scenario, we will be IN the Biblical story.

We will play within yet we cannot change the history or manipulate important figures.

They can create the virtual world according to their gameplay but most importantly they cannot change the outcome of the Biblical story.


1) Players cannot play GOD. 

2) Players cannot play as Angels or Satan.

3) All characters from the Bible have historical data which is kept preserved in the game.

This data cannot be changed, modified, or altered. 

4) Players can only enter as OTHERS and make choices.

As the game is a multiplayer one, all players can choose to interact with one another and create real characters from historical, Biblical events.

They have freedom in the game that allows them to make it their own world and develop a complete life just like reality.
Characters build their own realities in a virtual world. Unlike many games before this, the ONE Kingdom game utilizes choice.

There are always options for every move the player has to make and every decision that they might have to take.

It is good or it is evil, and the choice is solely made by the players.

So no matter what world they choose, or what time, the character’s personal life and the roles they take up in the game are of their own doing. 

Another interesting aspect of character-forming and storyline development in ONE Kingdom is that all the characters have built-in data that will always be transparent to the others around them if they seek to see it.

That is, the history and character arc of each player is visible to all other players who wish to see the heart of the character and choices made by them in the past, which will have an effect on all player interaction.

For example, upon seeing an "other" of poor character choices a player may choose to avoid interaction with him/her based on what is seen in the player's data history. This perhaps can cause the "other" with poor character to begin making somewhat different choices to get a better outcome and be able to advance inside of the game. 

ONE Kingdom is a virtual Biblical world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain using EpheONE tokens, the games utility & reward tokens.

Instead of having to make cash purchases, we have designed the game so that the transactions and payments are all digitized too, through our cryptocurrency.

Each part of the game will be specifically designed and engineered along the theme of choices and consequences within the game.

The game setting, environment, aesthetics, storyline are all in alignment with the Biblical theme as well as the demonstration of real-life scenarios that demonstrate where our choices can take us.

In the marketplace, there are reward tokens & NFTs available for purchase by the player or to be earned while playing.

These are real cryptocurrencies, including the EpheONE sponsored WORD & FAITH tokens. These two are limited tokens and are rare utility tokens that are needed when the player wants to enter bonus worlds.

They can also be used to create special circumstances that only with these tokens are available. Players can move into different worlds through the intricate map in the game and have daily life experiences, tasks, hurdles, mysteries, and puzzles to face. 

All of these features and many more are included in this epic game by EpheONE for all audiences.

It is a learning experience and a spiritual journey of discovering your own true nature. The question is only this - 
What would you do if you could do anything you want? If you weren't born in the world that you live in or in the way that you live, then what choices would you have made? Would you choose light or darkness - life or death - to build or to destroy? 

Play the game and find out!

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