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EpheONE business projects are utilized to add liquidity to our tokens, so that we have real assets backing our currency. Never before has a decentralized finance organization endeavored to create businesses for the purpose of empowering people. Our projects aim to provide real solutions. Discover why we are


EpheONE is an innovative brand developed by the BODY for everybody.
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Made by Believers for believers. Our new and innovative clothing business will create jobs and supply the world with inexpensive Christian safe clothing for all seasons.

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EpheONE clothing line.


EpheONE International food storage and preservation facilities supply high-quality, nutritiously preserved foods and meals to distribute worldwide to those who need it the most.

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EpheONE Food for Humanity.

Volunteers Packing Food

ONE Kingdom is a new concept game that will teach the Bible and the realities of the Kingdom of God in a visual experience and pay you to play.

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ONE Kingdom Game.


Real Estate Asset Tokenization. EpheONE team is about to tokenize commercial real-estate properties worldwide.

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