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October 7th, 2023: Embracing Unity as 'One New Man' - A Message of Hope and Faith

We find ourselves in a time of great sorrow and turmoil, as violence has once again struck our beloved homeland of Israel. It is a painful reminder that the promise of "never again" is not always guaranteed, even within our own borders. The atrocities we face bear resemblance to the horrors inflicted by the Nazis, albeit on a smaller scale. We must acknowledge that if given the opportunity, those responsible would not hesitate to harm all of us in Israel, the USA, and Europe as well.

This tragedy is not just an isolated incident or a local catastrophe; it resonates deeply with Jews around the world, evoking memories of the Holocaust. As we mourn and pray, seven days have passed since this nightmare began. Each day, I have turned to prayer, seeking solace and guidance. While I am unable to serve in the army due to medical conditions, I have found other ways to contribute alongside Ksenia my wife. We have donated blood and purchased supplies to aid the victims and support the brave reservists who defend our nation.

Today, Israel stands united as one people, bound by our shared pain and love. In times like these, it is crucial that we remember the strength that lies within our unity. When we allow divisions to separate us, we become vulnerable to those who seek to exploit our weaknesses. Hamas, the militant group responsible for this violence, thrives on division and discord.

Let us not forget the lessons of our past. The Holocaust taught us that unity is our greatest weapon against hatred and injustice. We made a solemn promise to never let such atrocities happen again. And while we face immense challenges today, we must hold fast to that promise.

I write this message not only to share my own thoughts but also to remind each one of you of the power we possess as a community. Together, we can overcome this darkness. Let us set aside our differences and come together, supporting one another with love and compassion. In times of hardship, even the smallest acts of kindness can make a significant impact.

As we navigate these trying times, remember that Israel is not alone we share a bond that transcends time and culture. Two thousand years ago, a sacrifice was made for all of us, a sacrifice so great that it brought both Gentiles and Jews together as one in the body of Christ. As true Christians, we stand with Israel today and for many years to come.

Yet, amidst our collective support for Israel, we must not overlook the profound significance of Christians and Jews becoming one in the body of Christ. It means that as a believer in Yeshua “Jesus Christ”, you are not just standing with us; you are an integral part of us. Every Christian, regardless of denomination or background, who calls on the name of Jesus is grafted into the body of Christ. This unity is not just a theological concept; it is a spiritual reality.

In this unity, we find strength and purpose. We are no longer separate entities but interconnected members of the same family. Just as each part of the human body serves a unique function, so too do we, as members of the body of Christ, have distinct roles to play in advancing God's kingdom.

As we stand together in support of Israel, let us also remember that our unity extends beyond geographical boundaries. It is a unity that spans nations and cultures, a unity rooted in our shared faith and love for Jesus Christ. It is a reminder that we are not alone in our struggles and triumphs.

So, my dear Family, let us embrace this truth with humility and gratitude. Let us cherish our bond as believers in Jesus Christ and as supporters of Israel. Together, we can make a difference, standing firm against hatred, injustice, and division.

May our unity be a testament to the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. And may it serve as a beacon of hope for all who witness it. Our pain is your pain and your pain is our pain. We serve the same lord and savior. Let us walk in his light and spread his love to all. Amen!

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