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REITs were only available to the rich and the privileged.

But now, thanks to the establishment of the tokenization process, all kinds of asset owners and developers can market their projects to individual retail investors as well as institutions.

The concept of tokenization of real estate assets has revolutionized the world of investment opportunities for the ordinary man.

This concept, alongside blockchain technology, is transforming real estate to another level. With decentralized financial systems, the ease of cryptocurrency, and now the availability and access to REITs has completely revolutionized the world of possibilities for you.
EpheONE is looking into tokenizing commercial real-estate on a micro-level.

Our aim is to be a means for the Believers in Yeshua, Jesus, and help them be able to invest in the investments that they want to accommodate.

We plan on providing the best possible plan and ease of attainment, with investments starting at as little as $1.

To invest with us and through us, you will have a chance at being part owners and shareholders of some of the largest commercial properties worldwide.

Typically, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have only been available to people who already have wealth. However, EpheONE is working on REITs, that will be for average people to help them start investing at a micro-level.

EpheONE is a DeFi "Decentralized Finance" Cryptocurrency under the Ethereum Network.

Decentralized finance is a means to spread the network from one head to a massive network of people.

Our focus, as always has been to provide facilities “By the BODY, for EVERYBODY” and this venture of REITs is another step towards it.
EpheONE is a cryptocurrency for our family in Christ that will generate enormous wealth within a short time frame. Our team of developers, financial analysts, swing & day traders have taken great care in its development.

We provide you with hassle-free investment.

No cash involvement of the usual sort because we provide you with the ease of investing using our Ethereum based cryptocurrency EpheONE.
Investors can buy this cryptocurrency for pennies on the dollar and receive dividends on their investments.

Not only are we partnered with the best cryptocurrency, BNB, but we are also working with large developers in all real estate companies worldwide.
Real Estate management for most REITs only works with rentals and is completely out of reach of the common man and woman but our company is working on a separate venture with developers who build to resell for a fast profit.

Through our means, we are providing you with complete access to buying, investing, and becoming a shareholder of a piece of valuable property that can help you get an amazing return on investment.
All this is via cryptocurrencies that can be purchased and held in private wallets on decentralized networks and can be sold or purchased in seconds.

Our methods are accessible and easy to understand with no need for expensive brokers or for paying surmountable
percentages to central authorities and lawyers who charge tens of thousands of dollars to legalize ownerships.
Our approach is simple. We are developing to assist and help you take advantage of all the possibilities available for you, that seemed unapproachable to you.

In today's world, we have options that are available to save us millions and we have options that can even make us millions from just a few thousand dollars invested via smartphones and personal computers on the client's side.
We are digitalizing the securities markets.

Using our blockchain technology system we are introducing the process of Security Token Offering for our investment and securities.

STO security tokens are a new concept and are already started and have been implemented by an Israeli company just a few months ago (July 2020).
Most governments are struggling with this and are trying to monopolize this and regulate it as fast as possible so as to take the power away from the people.

The banking cabals have taken away our right to earn money and be free to choose how and where we invest, crypto has broken those chains of bondage and now we have options and can make decisions on how we can earn with our money that we didn't have years ago.

The creation of digital finance and cryptocurrencies has changed the financial industry and investing. Now we are living in a revolutionized world of banking.

The year 2020 has been a dark year for some of us and the ones who know how to survive in dark times will survive these horrific attacks from the dark kingdom and become stronger.

Just the same way, in a crippling market that has been hit hard by the effects of the ongoing worldwide pandemic, EpheONE is providing you with the silver lining with its stable and strong investment plans that are backed up by real assets and projects undertaken by EpheONE
Reits are the most profitable investments that one can make in his lifetime. Real Estate has a return on investment that is both secure and safe from losing one's capital.

The right investment can provide you with an enormous earning and return, and this can be done from both; short and long-term investments by commercial and private rentals.
We are initiating negotiations now with democratic countries that can offer EpheONE a license to operate and form companies under the REIT system.

Soon enough, when we open, we will have a vast variety of investments available worldwide for you.
EpheONE is offering a new concept of REIT where sales of properties are invested for profit but have no responsibilities of shareholders to add more money or lose more than initial investments.

All this is possible due to cryptocurrency markets and the simplicity of buying and selling them on clients' side without the need for banks or brokers.

Our main purpose of this project is to facilitate you in your financial ventures.

One example of this is that if a commercial property is valued at $100,000 and is 100,000 square feet then with the help of tokenization, it can be tokenized into cryptocurrency and offered to the public at 1$ per square foot. This means that whatever you invest in, you will be the owner of that part of the investment.

You will be the shareholder of your rightful amount of money.
The purchase of a crypto security token offered by us can be made by any believer willing to invest.

Then these investors can purchase these tokens and own, trade, and sell at their own will anytime they want and in whatever manner they want.
In the past, developers needed to take loans from bankers at high interest and had to go through great hindrances of offering collateral, proving worth, and gaining faith in the lenders.

As the faith-filled EpheONE investors choose to pool their resources, we can offer land and housing developers the initial capital needed to start and finish their building projects.
Our project helps you avoid this long expensive process that holds up the building process and raises the actual prices of properties. In our vision, we see a perfect solution for developers and investors who are looking for simple and fast ways to raise capital.
Both sides win, the investors can earn profit by purchasing crypto STOs at reduced presale offerings and sell in short term for a small profit or hold for a longer-term and collect a much larger profit.

As our cryptos are backed up by real assets, all this time you will be actually owning a piece of the property as long as you have our currency. Even further, these can be sold privately or publicly at any time of their choosing just by the use of their phone or pc.

So no matter what you plan, it will be you who will be the decision-maker at each step.
EpheONE was created so that Christians will be able to have access to provision for their needs as well as helping with the needs of others, and we will assist you in doing just that. That is our promise.


EpheONE is partnering with Alliance Group on Batumi's most luxurious project the Centropolis World Trade Center 

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